Dear Colleagues,

First of all, we hope that you arrived home safely. We would like to thank
you once more for your participation at the Conference. We are truly
honoured that we had the opportunity to meet you. We also hope that you are
satisfied both with academic and organizational part of the Conference.

Due to some last minute unexpected problems some of you were not able to
attend the event and we thank you very much for notifying us about that. We
will send you by post all the conference materials and you are very welcome
to submit your papers for possible publication in thematic issue of our
journal Croatian Geographical Bulletin.



Available for download here >>>



As already announced, all participants with oral or poster presentations
listed in the conference programme are invited to submit their paper to
Editorial Board of Croatian Geographical Bulletin. There is no limitation on
the number of the papers that we plan to publish in the thematic issue(s) of
the journal. However, all submitted papers will go through standard
peer-review procedure (2 reviewers per paper) and the authors will be
notified about the outcome.

The papers should be written in English or Croatian. Notes for contributors and examples are available from links below to help you format the paper.

  • You can search or download previous issues here >>>

However, please do note that there are two important differences for this special themed issue:

1.    Your typescript should not exceed 6000 words, including tables and
illustrations. Shorter papers are welcomed. One illustration (in press)
corresponds approximately to the space of 200-250 words. (As you may see we
have increased the length of the paper, due to the many questions we have
received concerning that issue.)
2.    For the papers written in English summary is not needed. The papers
written in English should only have the abstract (up to 150 words). If it
possible for you to organize translation of the abstract to Croatian please
do so. If not, the Editorial Board will do the translation.

Deadline for the submission is December 31st 2010.

Typescript should be sent to the Editor, prof.dr.sc. Sanja Faivre
(sfaivre@geog.pmf.hr)  or by post to:

Hrvatski geografski glasnik

Marulicev trg 19

PP 595

10000 Zagreb



Croatian Geographical Bulletin is indexed in CAB Abstracts, CSA Sociological
Abstracts, Current Geographical Publications, GEOBASE, EBSCO, SAGE Urban
Studies Abstracts and SCOPUS.

Finally, we would kindly ask you to help one of our students in her diploma
work on congress tourism in Zagreb by participating in an online survey. A
sample of e-mail address from the Book of Abstracts has been chosen.

Thank you very much.

On the behalf of the Organizing Committee

Sincerely yours,

Laura Šakaja, Lsakaja@geog.pmf.hr

Aleksandar Lukić, alukic@geog.pmf.hr




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